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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2021 / 2021 年 10 月刊 09

              10 月开业                                                           10  月开业


                            1886 汽车餐厅:                                               gaga: THE BRAND NEW LUNCH SPOT

                         文化餐厅的全新旅程                                                gaga 最新一家主打高颜值商务午餐的餐厅亮相国贸商城北区。标志

                   1886: THE VOYAGE OF CUTURE                                     享受到城市绿洲的轻松惬意。作为城市生活的提案者,澳门威斯人7026com希望志同

                    THEMED RESTAURANT & BAR                                       The instagramable restaurant gaga will come to North Zone of the mall with

                                                                                  its signature business lunch. The iconic space design filled with fresh vegetation
               随着第一辆汽车的诞生,19 世纪 80 年代也推进和演绎了第二次工业                                 decor, creating an oasis in CBD. As an initiator of downtown life, gaga is dedicated
               革命所创造的文明巅峰。横跨 30 余年的第二次工业革命,改写了人类                                  to gathering like-minded people and bringing inspiration unexpectedly.
                                                                                       3B101B&C 北区 地下一层 B1, North Zone
               1886 是汽车的起点,也是每个开拓者的起点。
                                                                                         SHAKE SHACK:招牌脆鸡块
               1886 以汽车文化为主题,融合对工业时代精神的思考,对时代开拓者
                                                                                         SHAKE SHACK: CHICK’N BITES

                                                                                  一口香脆,一咬入魂! Shake Shack 重磅之作招牌脆鸡块正式登陆,
                                                                                  Love at first bite! Coming to you, it’s the celebrated Chick’n Bites! Always
                                                                                  made fresh to order, Chick’n Bites are pieces of chicken breast lightly breaded
                                                                                  and quickly fried until golden brown, making them extra juicy, flavorful and
                                                                                  tender,which are served with a choice of BBQ Sauce or Honey Mustard for
                                                                                  dipping, offering  guests more chicken options.
               After the first car was born in 1880s, the civilization which was created by the      3L115 北区 一层 L1, North Zone          (8610) 8595 0311
               second industrial revolution was developed to the peak. This over thirty-year
               second industrial revolution changed the history of human civilization.
               It was a time when science technology, freedom consciousness and art got their
               rapid development. In that reform-advocating time, the social progress was
               impelled by the innocation of natural science and pursed truth as their faith,
               while most importantly, they took courage to accomplish the self-breakthrough.
               The year 1886 is not just the start of car, but the start of every pioneer.

               In order to do honour to the era pioneers, the spirit of the exploring and the start
               of the fream. Combined the thought to the industrial spirit and the regards to the
               era pioneer, we start the brand new voyage to culture themed restaurant.

                    NL6007 北区 六层 L6, North Zone
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