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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2021 / 2021 年 10 月刊  11



                                                                                     CHINA WORLD LAUNCHES

                                                                                     INNOVATIVE WASTE

                                                                                     TREATMENT AND

                                                                                     DISPOSAL SYSTEM

                 国贸中心生活垃圾处理改造方案即将实施。经多次调研、尝试和测试,                              The waste treatment and disposal system will soon be upgraded in China World to
                 国贸中心对现有垃圾处理中心进行了智慧化、立体化升级改造。投入运                              enhance environmental sanitation and the utilization rate of renewable resources.
                 营后将实现生活垃圾就地减量化、资源化、无害化处理,不仅能进一步                              Thanks to extensive research, trials and testing, waste at China World will be
                 提升环境卫生,还可以大幅提高可再生资源的利用率。                                     reduced and processed with a harmless, resource-based disposal system; further
                 干垃圾通过机械分拣和挤压设备打包处理的方法大大减少了存储占用空                              enhancing environmental hygiene.
                 间实现减量减积;餐厨垃圾经分离和生化处理可获得绿化用肥、生物柴                              Special equipment maximize space by sifting, sorting and separating the packaging
                 油和再生水;为有害垃圾独立设置隔离封闭区域,妥善储存,由专业化                              from residual waste.
                 的危废单位回收处理实现无害化。                                              Through separation and biochemical treatment, food waste is re-purposed as
                 本方案中的智慧化控制理念,先进的技术和设备,丰富的垃圾处理管理                              fertilizer, bio-diesel and reclaimed water.
                 经验,得到了相关部门的高度认可,朝阳区城管委和建外街道拟将国贸                              Hazardous waste is stored in an enclosed area and collected by licensed disposal
                 树立为 CBD 区域垃圾分类和厨余垃圾的典型,有望成为北京市垃圾处理                           organizations to ensure harmless recycling and treatment.
                 的标志性示范项目之一。                                                  With smart control processes and advanced technology, the revamped system is
                                                                              earning plaudits from government authorities and is expected to become one of
                                                                              the showcase projects of waste treatment in Beijing.
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